Freelancer for hire


From av nerd to EXPEriENCED Behind the scenes engineer

Live tv production operation since 1996 

Local, National, worldwide levels

News, Talk Show, Sports, Entertainment

WRH, sometimes known as "Skipper Bob", but mostly known as an Audio Engineer (A1), Sub Mixer, Studio A2, Floor Director, Studio Pedestal and Robotic Camera Operator, Technical Director, Assistant Director, Editor.

News affiliates with hurricane coverage, brushfires, elections, local and national emergencies such as NBC, FOX, and CBS.

NBC Sports, The Golf Channel, ESPN, and WWE on both a national and international foreign language level.


Began as a hobbyist, now A growing professional


Owning backdrops, lamps, black lights and more. I can do everything but makeup.


Living in Florida gives plenty of opportunities to discover our outdoors. From wildlife to landscapes. Only at the mercy of mother nature.


Figurines, Sculptures, Architecture, Tiny things to the worlds largest geodesic sphere.

Digital Editing

From clean up to sharpening. Many options to enhance the picture. 

Contact me - Let's cover an event or make some memories